Monash Health Now Live on 4Solutions' HSN


Melbourne, Australia. August 15, 2013.  Monash Health, the largest public health service in Victoria, is now live using 4Solutions’ Health Supply Network or HSN.  Monash Health is one of the major public hospitals in Australia and serves some 20% of Victoria’s population.


According to Ian Larmour, Director of Pharmacy of Monash Health says,  "This new system is a very important step forward in the quest to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. This is especially important in the current environment where pharmaceutical companies are striving to reduce their distribution costs." 


Using 4Solutions’ technologies, Monash has successfully deployed its Purchase Order transactions through the Health Supply Network or HSN.


HSN, on its 10th year, has steadily grown to be Australia’s supply chain backbone in the pharmaceutical industry. Thousands of critical business documents each month are transferred between local and international trading partners.


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