About Us

We are the company that provides the technology for e-commerce B2B exchanges, and hosts Australia's leading health industry E-Commerce Network service, through the Health Supply Network (HSN).

With over 70 years of combined experience in supply chain integration, outsourced B2B solutions, trading partner enablement programs, business analysis, and EDI consulting, 4Solutions is a privately owned Australian Company formed in 2003 and has a long heritage of being at the forefront of innovation in e-commerce solutions.

Initially, the company focused on a combination of consulting services and the provision of an e-commerce B2B gateway in the Australian health industry, now known as the Health Supply Network (HSN).

Today, HSN has most of the large multi-national and local pharmaceutical manufacturers and sales brokers as well as the four largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Australia as subscribers.  Transaction volumes are in the hundreds of thousands per month and equate to a value of more than $4 Billion of trade a year.

AgilitiNet, 4Solutions' own software platform, is the next generation of B2B e-commerce – hosted software platforms.  This application now runs the HSN service and operates on a state of the art virtualised platform with the highest levels of redundancy. Hosted at the Fujitsu Data Centre in North Ryde and managed by Blue Central, the architecture of the system allows for enormous expansion, in line with the company’s targets for growth.

At 4Solutions, we intimately understand not only the essential requirements, but the business process change that’s involved: the need for accuracy, reliability and performance, the need for secure synchronisation of data and most of all, the need for increased operational efficiency to drive greater competitive advantage.

Based in Wollongong approximately 80kms. south of the Sydney CBD, and with partners in the Philippines, 4Solutions is now poised for a further significant expansion with its state of the art solutions.

With newly opened offices in Manila under the 2Linc Solutions Inc. banner, servicing a growing number of clients in the SEA region, 4Solutions continues to be one of the most highly skilled and experienced service providers in the B2B solution providers sector.



To be the e-commerce provider of choice supplying services and software to support business integration with agile, innovative and versatile solutions that enhance our customers' businesses and support the communities we work in.



We will achieve our vision through:

  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with customer and partner organisations.
  • Providing tailored software and services to meet internal or external business integration requirements.
  • Ensuring consistent focus on quality through continuous review and improvement of our software, services and personnel to ensure we not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Employing individuals of the highest calibre who are rewarded for their commitment to the successful realisation of our vision.