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Customer Success Stories

Every month, Australia's largest health manufacturers and wholesalers depend on AgilitiNet to guarantee the successful transfer of over 140,000 critical data messages between their trading partners.

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“4Solutions provided us with the competitive edge in customer order fulfillment. In a world where timing is crucial, 4Solutions enabled us to be a leader in providing Pharmacies with delivery times that increased our customer satisfaction.”

Adam Mc Guigan
National Sales Manager
La Corium Health



 “With our recent roll out of a cloud based iPad CRM system, we wanted the most streamlined means of providing orders generated by our field force to the major pharmacy wholesalers.  The HSN provides us with this streamlined link, and allows us to maximise the potential of our CRM system.”

Paul Sewell

National Sales Manager
Care Pharmaceuticals

Sigma has had a business relationship with 4Solutions since 2003 when it took over the EDI exchange known as the Health Supply Network or (HSN). 

Effectively, HSN shields us from our Trading Partners’ various systems by translating the documents and transferring them via appropriate technologies.  This means that documents processed by us can be seamlessly fed directly into our trading partners’ systems with no re-entering.  Using the HSN service replaces the need for paper-based transactions, with their different formats, legibility issues, time delays, etc.

Today 4Solutions, through HSN, looks after all of our electronic supplier traffic.

Richard Harris
General Manager, Systems and IT
SIGMA Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

We’ve been using 4Solutions since 2007 and since then we’ve been working together and it’s always been a very easy relationship to maintain.  The contact points are very good and I can always get hold of somebody and that makes a very big difference when you’re trying to expedite here-and-now problems.” 

Starr Prendergast
Group Manager - IT
Inova Pharmaceuticals

“All the components that build the relationship between the Pharmacy, Supplier and us, as a wholesaler, are very important, especially to CHS as we implement our National Strategy.  Electronic Turn Over order transmission was something that CHS needed to go out to the market very quickly.


The 4Solutions’ service has comprehensively addressed this requirement and has proven to be the solution for us.  

They are the market leading service provider that dominates the industry and it is where we needed to be, placing us on the same playing field as our competitors at a pharmacy level.”

Greg Quirk
General Manager
Central Healthcare Services Pharmacy

“4Solutions and the HSN team have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry making them excellent facilitators in developing relevant industry document standards to meet the day to day operational needs of our industry.” 

John Ioannou
Demand & Replenishment Manager

“I have nothing but praise for 4Solutions. Working with the team led by Ana has been a blessing. They've certainly made my life a lot easier. I can honestly say I have nothing but good things to say. It's been a joy working with them and you can quote me on that anywhere.” 

Paul Freeman
National Sales and Marketing Manager